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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

The Foremost Casino Payment Methods in Canada

Signing up for an account and making a deposit is the first step you must take to play online and claim a bountiful welcome bonus. There are certain things you should bear in mind when making deposits or withdrawals; you will be familiarized with all these.

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You must ensure your payment details are secure whenever you are playing at an Online Casino

At one time or another, some of us have made payments online to purchase goods from online stores including eBay or Amazon. To make the process as seamless as possible, we go for a payment method that we’re familiar with and easily accessible.

There is a wide range of online payment methods that accept credit and debit cards as well as different types of e-wallets. The best online casinos accept virtually all payment methods.

The team of experts at CanadaCasinoNews promotes only the safest online casinos, which are licensed by the frontline regulatory bodies, including the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

You will surely enjoy the safest gaming experience if you make use of the tested and trusted payment methods

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Fast Company has made it known that the first secured online transaction took place in 1994 on NetMarket when the buyer purchased a copy of Sting’s album ‘Ten Summoners ’Tales’.

Most Common Online Payment Methods in Canada

Our research has revealed that the foremost online casino payment methods are in three categories, namely: debit/credit cards, e-wallets, and online transfers.

We have compiled below a list of tested and trusted online payment methods, taking into consideration the most important areas:

Payment Method Name Payment Type NameAverage Deposit TimeAverage Withdrawal TimeProvider’s Transaction FeesCasinos
Visa Credit / Debit Card Instant2-5 Days2%Visa Casinos
MastercardCredit / Debit Card Instant2-5 Days1.5%Mastercard Casinos
InteracOnline Bank Transfer Instant3-5 Days0%Interac Casinos
iDebitOnline BankingInstant3-5 DaysC$1.50iDebit Casinos
InstadebitOnline BankingInstant3-5 DaysC$1.95InstaDebit Casinos
PayPalE-WalletInstant24 Hours0%PayPal Casinos
PaySafeCard Prepaid Card InstantN/A0%PaySafeCard Casinos
Bank TransferBank TransferInstant3-5 Days0%Bank Transer Casinos

Different Categories of Payment Methods

As stated earlier, there are several online payment methods in Canada that can be placed under 3 main categories.

There are other online payment methods that cannot be put under any of the aforementioned three categories; however, they are still worth mentioning.

The next section of this guide deals with a list of payment methods including all the options that are very popular in Canada, with a particular focus on those that are specially favoured by online casino players owing to their speed, ease of use, and security.

  1. Debit and Credit Cards
  2. Cryptocurrencies
  3. E-Wallets
  4. Mobile Apps
  5. Bank Transfers
  6. Prepaid Card and Vouchers

1. Debit and Credit Cards

Debit & credit cards remain the payment methods most favored by casino gamers. The popularity of these payment methods can be attributed to their processing speed and the unbeatable layer of security associated with them.

Visa – Perhaps, Visa is the most popular payment method used for making deposits with online casinos. It is very fast and highly secured!

If you make deposits with your chosen online casino using a Visa card, your funds will land in your account almost immediately.

The layer of security offered by Visa is referred to as Visa Secure (formerly called Verified by Visa), and it is loved by all users. Mastercard – It is important to note that you can only make deposits into a casino account using a Mastercard, you cannot withdraw from it into a Mastercard.

Withdrawals into Mastercards are not allowed; you have to choose other payment methods to withdraw your winnings.

This setback notwithstanding, you cannot rule out the use of Mastercard totally. As an option for making deposits, it provides the added layer of security of the SecureCode enhanced features, and also you can use it to make deposits into your casino account in a jiffy.

Maestro Card – Just like what obtains with Mastercard, withdrawals are often denied with this particular option.

An upside to the use of Maestro Card is that deposits are usually free of charge and there is added security of the SecureCode to authorize a payment, thus adding the extra layer of security that players want.

American Express – Although the American Express card is considered a rare payment option for casino gaming, a few platforms accept this card.

You cannot use this card for making withdrawals as the option for that is always not provided.

The SafeKey authentication incorporated into the American Express Card eliminates the risks of having your data compromised while using it to deposit funds.

EntroPay – Despite the fact that EntroPay was closed down officially in 2019, some online casinos still use it as a payment option.

As a card, EntroPay uses the Visa network and there is a need to fund it using another payment option.

The popularity of this card is due to the fact that you need not reveal the details of your card to the casino or any other third party. You only need to provide information regarding your EntroPay card.

Interac – This is a popular online payment method in Canada, which acts as a ‘middle man’ between any online casino of your choice and your bank.

This payment option is considered highly secure as you need not reveal any of your banking details. In addition, your transactions are well protected by the combined security measures put in place by the casino and your banks.

AstroPay Card – This is a prepaid card that you must fund via an alternative payment method before you can use it to make a deposit with a casino of your choice.

Similar to some of the payment methods mentioned earlier, using AstroPay to deposit with a casino does not require you to disclose any of your sensitive personal banking details; this explains why AstroPay is the number one choice of the majority of online casino players.


2. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming the choice of online casino players who want anonymity and continued protection of the private security key system.

How does it work? You must first access a casino’s public address and then input your own private key to be able to effect a payment.

Bitcoin – If a casino accepts any form of cryptocurrency, there is a high probability that it will accept Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the leading form of cryptocurrency. Although transactions with Bitcoin take longer time than other payment options, Bitcoin is very safe and 100% anonymous.

Ethereum – This is a leading contender with Bitcoin because it shares the two important features of Bitcoin, that is, a high level of security and anonymity. Furthermore, Ethereum provides an excellent platform where you can spend your ETH.

Ripple – Although this is not as widely used as Bitcoin or Ethereum, some Canadian online casinos still support Ripple. Also known as XRP, the upside to Ripple is that it can be used for making both deposits and withdrawals.

Stellar – Although Stellar or XRP is not known to many people, many online casinos accept it. It allows you to make deposits with a casino and also to withdraw your earnings.


3. E-Wallets

If you want to make a deposit or a withdrawal as fast as possible, e-wallets are your first choice.

With E-Wallets, deposits are usually processed immediately, allowing you to swing into action almost immediately to have a WOW gaming experience.

Although it takes some time to withdraw your earnings using E-Wallets, they are still quicker than the majority of other payment options.

PayPal – This is one of the most popular e-wallets globally, it is secure, easy to use, and fast. What’s more, you can make deposits into your PayPal account free of charge!

MuchBetter – This is a highly renowned payment app, whose popularity is soaring globally on a daily basis. It is highly secure and guarantees “very fast transactions, seamless withdrawals as well as several exclusive rewards”.

Skrill – This is an e-wallet formerly known as MoneyBookers. It must be funded via another payment option, be it a debit or credit card or via bank transfer.

The majority of online casinos that are operating in the Canadian market accept this payment method.

Neteller – Produced specifically for the purpose of catering to online casinos and players, Neteller is among the leading payment options accepted by online casinos. You can make deposits and withdrawals at a great speed using this option.

Note: You cannot use Neteller and Skrill in Canada. In addition, online casinos do not allow Neteller and Skrill users to make use of the bonuses accruing from the casinos.


4. Mobile Apps

Pay By Phone – This is a smart payment option that only a few people are aware of. It allows you to make deposits into your casino account via your phone bill. You should simply deposit with the casino, then the amount will show up on your next bill.

Although you can easily make deposits into your casino account, you cannot withdraw your earnings using your phone.

Zimpler – This is an app that connects your casino account and bank account without any need to share sensitive information. Zimpler is fast, secure and keeps your banking information secure at all times.

PayPal Mobile App – If you have a PayPal account, it might interest you to know that they have a mobile app through which you can transact. This app adds another layer of security by incorporating a passcode into the process of transactions.

Boku – If you place a high premium on security, then Boku is your app of choice. Using this payment option, your mobile number is the only thing you need to share with the casino.


5. Bank Transfers

Compared to other payment options already mentioned, bank transfers are slightly old-fashioned.

However, bank transfers are very secure and reliable and are the choice of people who do not want to use credit or debit cards with online casinos.

Bank Transfers – May not be the quickest payment method, they are highly secure, as they come with an additional layer of security put in place by the respective banks.

Nowadays, several online casinos accept an updated version of bank transfers that allows transactions to be carried out in a jiffy.

Wire Transfers – These simply refer to bank transfers done internationally, that is, from one bank to another bank in a different country.

Trustly – Trustly is a technology company often used by PayPal and other financial institutions to carry out financial transactions. However, Trustly now have their own product that is fast becoming the choice of casino players.

iDEAL – This eCommerce platform is popularly used in the Netherlands. It operates by redirecting customers to their own internet banking where they complete the transactions.

GiroPay – Established as a platform for traditional bank transfer, GiroPay is used mostly in Germany as a link between merchants and their bank accounts.

POLi Payments – This banking transfer system is mostly used in New Zealand and Australia. It is a platform acting as a safe link between the merchant and the bank.

InstaDebit – Mostly used in Canada, InstaDebit is a platform for bank transfer that employs 128-bit encryption technology in addition to high-level security firewalls.


6. Prepaid Cards & Vouchers

When it comes to adding funds to your casino account, a prepaid card or voucher is the safest.

Using a prepaid card or voucher, you need not share your banking information or credit/debit card with any third party.

To avoid sharing your banking details, your prepaid card or voucher often comes with a unique code that you input into your dashboard to make a deposit with the casino.

PaySafeCard – A number of online casinos accept PaySafeCard. Therefore, it is very popular with online casino players.

This card is very easy to use; you only need to purchase the card online or from a local retailer and use the value of the card to make a deposit with the casino operator using the 16-digit code provided.

EcoPayz – EcoPayz has gone into partnership with Mastercard to produce its own card – EcoCard, which is perfect for sending money online in a matter of minutes.

Owning a bank account is not a prerequisite for obtaining an EcoCard.

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Fisglobal statistics indicate that the payment methods most commonly used for online transactions are e-wallets at 36%, credit cards at 23%, and debit cards at only 12%.

Online payment options Solutions to Common Problems Associated with Payments

In most instances, deposits and withdrawals are quite easy to carry out. However, you may occasionally run into difficulties while attempting to do the aforementioned transactions.

Below are solutions to the most common payment issues.


1. I can’t find where to verify my payment methods.

You will find all the information you require for verification on the dashboard of your account provided by your chosen online casino. Look for your chosen payment option there, or else check your inbox if the operator provides such a service.


2. I can’t change the payment method on my account.

Your casino dashboard ought to be equipped with a panel for managing your payment options. It allows you to switch from one payment solution to another.


3. I am unable to remove my credit card from my account.

Your casino dashboard ought to allow you to add or remove payment options as you wish.


4. My mobile in-game deposits are not working.

No cause for alarm yet! Don’t try to make another payment if the one you have made has not been marked successful, to avoid making multiple payments.

You should exercise patience! Sometimes, the operator might experience some technical issues. Contacting customer support remains the best thing to do.


5. I requested a withdrawal to my card. The money are still available in my balance, why?

In an instance like this, it is possible that the withdrawal hasn’t been carried out yet. This occasionally happens. You can either request the withdrawal again or contact customer support.


6. My latest deposit has not been reflected in my account.

Occasionally, it takes a while for deposits to appear in your account; therefore, you should always be patient.

If after 24 hours the funds have not been reflected in your account, you should contact customer service to check whether there is a timeline or whether the payment is yet to be received.

Do not deposit again if you don’t have it in mind to make two consecutive deposits.


7. I cannot withdraw my winnings.

Many factors can be responsible for your inability to withdraw your winnings. One of these is failing to fulfill the requirements for wagering.

You must also confirm that the amount you requested is within the minimum/maximum permitted by the casino.

You can also check out whether your chosen payment option permits withdrawals. In the event of any uncertainty, reaching out to the customer support team is the best solution.


8. I am unable to cancel my withdrawal.

It is possible for you to cancel a withdrawal if the casino has not yet processed the transaction. Once the casino has credited your account, you can no longer cancel a withdrawal; you must make a new deposit.


9. I didn’t get my winnings in full.

Terms and conditions are usually attached to casino bonuses. Certain rules may not allow you to withdraw as much as you want.

You are always advised to read the terms and conditions very carefully before claiming a promotion. If your winnings have nothing to do with a bonus, contacting customer care will do you a lot of good.

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The Mega Fortune slot gave out the biggest online casino win of £16 million. Media sources hinted that the lucky player was mandated to get special dispensation as a prerequisite for withdrawing the full amount of the jackpot prize!

Are you finding it difficult to decide on a payment method? These four simple tips will help you

Need more help in choosing the payment method that is right for you from Canada? These 4 easy tips will help you make the appropriate choice.


1. Security is key

While making payments online, the protection of your sensitive financial information from hackers and other fraudsters is paramount. The same is true for making deposits with an online casino.

Use only the safest options, especially those recommended by us, and play with licensed and regulated casinos at all times.


2. Speed is an important factor

While security remains the number one priority, speed is also paramount for online casino players, especially when they want to make deposits with their casino and swing into action immediately.

Different payment methods have different processing speeds. Therefore, ensure that you read our CanadaCasinoNews guide to discover those that process transactions at great speed.


3. Let it work for you!

The payment method that you choose ought to be convenient in all ramifications.

Some people prefer credit cards to debit cards while others might opt for the ease of e-wallets.

Prepaid cards, if available, are the best option to consider when it comes to ensuring the safety of your personal information and reducing your digital footprint.


4. Take travelling into consideration

If you love playing a game at your favourite casino, even away from your home, make sure the payment method is always at your fingertip.


Making a deposit and withdrawing your winnings

How to make a deposit:

  • Click your profile and then choose ‘cashier’ from the drop-down menu
  • Select ‘deposit’
  • Fill in your payment details and then the amount you want to deposit
  • Put in any promo code you want to use
  • Click proceed

How to withdraw winnings:

  • From the menu, click ‘cashier’
  • Select ‘withdraw’
  • Confirm your payment details (casinos always ask that you use the same methods for both deposits and withdrawals)
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Click ‘request’
  • The casino will process your request and might request verification documents. Also, based on the amount you want to withdraw, you might be required to pay taxes.

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In 2019, the British public expended more money online than at any other time. It is estimated that £178 Billion was expended, breaking the record by 7% (Source).


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Frequently Asked Questions:

You can always entrust your data with licensed, regulated, and highly reputable casinos. It is important to make this clarification. You will always find a list of licensed and regulated casinos on CanadaCasinoNews.

There exist two forms of Bitcoin casinos: those that accept only Bitcoin and those that accept Bitcoin and other currencies. Casinos that accept only Bitcoin permit you to use an in-house wallet, where you are able to transfer your Bitcoins. Other casinos will make it mandatory for you to choose a flat currency to convert your Bitcoins to before you can start playing. Both types of casinos accept Bitcoin for both deposits and withdrawals.

It is important to note that some payment methods are used globally whereas others are used mainly in the countries where they originated from.

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